Friends, Comrades and Associates

This page exists to thank everyone who has helped to improve this site over the years. Keeping links up-to-date should be easy when you can use a “link checker” in your browser.

However, it will not catch those links that changed to new content but are still viable. To catch that, I need help, and I’ve found it from all over the United States. Thus I offer the “Cowrock Award” to all those who’ve helped me! I originally found this when I made my first website, so it’s as close to a Webby as I’ve got.

M. Mark Miller, Ph.D.

Dorothy Bowles, Ph.D.

Luther W. “Sonny” Sanders, Ph.D.

Manu Bhandari, Ph.D.

Donna Edsall, Ph.D.

Jerry Morrow

Susan Siler

Dan Foley

Brooke Burger

Linna Jones

Brittany (Pickett) Dean

Josh Creed

Emily Burgin-Roberts

Glynn Wilson

Christopher “Tattau” Bookout

Yvonne Fischer

Dawn Schultz

Anna Morris, MTV content specialist

Julia Connolly

Carly Walters’ students, Amorita Charter School

Eva Valo‘s 4th-grade student

Rebecca Thompson’s 3rd-graders, Evergreen School District, California

Joyce Alston’s student, Bethany, Pine Mountain Central School District

Arianna Hernandez’s science class, Valley Charter School, California

If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone. Samuel Johnson