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World Newspapers Online

World Newspapers and Magazines

Abyz News Links

Lonely Planet Travel Ticker

Relief Web


BBC Online

The Times (London)

Guardian Unlimited (UK)

The Telegraph (UK)

The Herald (UK)

The Irish News

The Limerick Post (Ireland)

The Scotsman

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Canada’s Sun Newspapers

Naked News

The Narco News Bulletin

Toronto Star

South America Daily

Guadalajara Reporter (Mexico)

Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)

El Universal (Venezula)

Jamaica Observer

Colombia Reports

Guyana Chronicle

The Panama News

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New Europe

The International Herald Tribune (France)

Italy Today

The Prague Post (Czech)

Croatia Post

Croatia News Online

The Moscow Times

Pravda (Russia)

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Middle East

Haaretz (Israel)

Middle East News Agency (Egypt)

Iraq Daily

Iraqi News

Tehran Times (Iran)

Bahrain Tribune

The Jordan Times

The Gulf Times (Quatar)

The Daily Star (Lebanon)

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Japan Times

The Korea Times (S. Korea)

The Pyongyang Times (N.Korea)

China Daily

Tibet Online

Afghan News Channel

Afghanistan Online


The Times of India

The News (Pakistan)

The Turkish Daily News

The Australian

Web Wombat Online (Australia)

The Straits Times (Singapore)

The Independent (Bangladesh)

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Africa News

669 African media sources

The Monitor (Uganda)

The Daily News (Egypt)

The Egyptian Gazette

Mail & Guardian Online (South Africa)

Mareeg Online (Somalia)

The Guardian (Nigeria)

The New Times (Rwanda)

Sudan Vision

Ethiopian Observer (Ethiopia)

Jamahirirya News Agency (Libya)

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U.S.-Mexico border


Internet Webcam Encyclopedia: Beaches of the World


Bora Bora

Cairo, Egypt and Nile River


Fløyen vest: Norway

Loch of the Lowes, Scotland 

Mount Everest

Mount Fuji

Mount Kilimanjaro

Nova Scotia Webcams

Old Montreal, Canada



Tembe Elephant Park, Kwa Zulu Natal


Vienna, Austria

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World Heritage Sites

The Acropolis

Bettmerhorn, Switzerland

Cologne Cathedral

Falls of Clyde, Scotland


Hallstatt, Austria


Kizhi, Russia

Macquarie Island, Antarctica

Pyramids of Giza


Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

Tallinn, Estonia

The Vatican


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